Track record of success

All the organisations I work with evaluate both development programmes and coaching with different approaches to ROI. This can include commercial metrics
 which they will review with me on an ongoing basis and online or paper feedback surveys which are reviewed on completion of a programme.

On coaching programmes feedback is gathered from the coachee about how they have benefitted from the coaching and the coaching process and then shared in a three-way meeting with their line manager.

Keeping track of performance and promotions of individuals is an important part of the client relationship.

I often partner up with a colleague to deliver larger programmes, some of which are highlighted here.

Data Insight Organisation
In this organisation we have trained over 400 people and now offer ‘alumni events’ where individuals have the opportunity to review subject area’s or cover new material.
By working with them to develop their leadership capability we have supported their business growth into 28 countries and quadrupled their workforce.
One of our greatest supporters has had 3 promotions and is now part of the Leadership team and would attribute our programme as enabling her on that journey.
We have a number of success stories where individuals have either been promoted or felt supported to take on large teams to run.
We have also supported the organisation to have a greater consistency in approach in dealing with individuals. They are currently developing their ‘People Promise’ which our programme is seen as being a key cornerstone to support line management.
After each of our programmes we also summarise key themes which we feedback to the organisation. Through our regular updates we ensure we are aware of current initiatives and adapt our programme to the current needs of the business.

UK Leading Retailer
In this organisation we have trained over 160 people in a number of different departments.
As we highlighted, in our previous experience, we have worked with the Womenswear team and supported the development of leadership capability particularly to manage in what has been difficult trading circumstances.
In the Food group we have worked with one of the Commercial Directors to set up a new area of the business. This entailed changing their ways of working and influencing the business to adapt to these changes. This area has been very successful and become leading edge in their way of operating.
We have also worked in the Technology area both to coach individuals to run large teams and to develop cohesiveness in team working. Managers in this area often have to deal with supplier crises and health scares which require swift action and careful handling. A Technical Executives who handled a particularly high profile crisis had been promoted into their role after coaching and would endorse that the coaching enabled them to be ready for this assignment.
We worked with the Human Resources team to enhance their capability when dealing with ‘difficult’ conversations. This was a two day programme which gave individuals an opportunity to ‘practise’ in a safe environment. The success of this programme led to a one day approach being developed for line management. We had really good feedback, where individuals had been able to deal with some difficult issues and had felt more confident in doing so.

Premium Jewellery Retailer
We worked with 9 people in the leadership team and then ran a number of workshops for 20 middle managers.
Our initial objective was to develop the leadership capability to support the commercial objectives of the organisation. We supported the restructuring of the team and worked with individuals to make key changes.
We were then asked to plan a modular development programme for the Heads of Department in the organisation to encourage cross functional relationships and up skill the management capability to meet the future strategy.The success of this programme was seen in the way the organisation moved their Head office from Surrey to Chiswick. The relationships the Heads of Department had built meant that this transition happened smoothly both on closing the old office down and setting the new one up.
Subsequently we worked with the Regional Managers both to develop their commerciality and to enable them to work as a team. This is a key group in developing the organisational brand. The highlight of this programme was a summer school where we brought in key speakers to lead a variety of topics. The impact of this was seen by the way they commercially handled the Olympics to reach their profitability target. To support the team we introduced a mentoring programme into the organisation using internal and external mentors.

Leading General Insurance Organisation
We have worked globally in this organisation to support the leadership capability, in what they themselves have described as ‘challenging working environments’.
We have trained over 250 people both at different levels and a variety of cultures.
The most recent focus has been on developing and running an Impact and Influence programme. There are many technical specialists in the business who need to extend their influencing capability.
The feedback from these programmes has been that we have enabled line managers to influence more effectively and feel more in control of their destiny. There have been some significant commercial successes for the business. We have also been accredited with supporting some key promotions.

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