Problem vs Solution

As a coach, I tackle many different issues and see clients at different stages of their careers. Here are some of the common problems and coaching solutions for the clients that I work with:

PROBLEM – Moving to a bigger job
I have coached several clients who have been promoted and found that their new role was just ‘too big’. The pressure was overwhelming and it impacted their performance. As previously high performing individuals, the burden of keeping all balls in the air was creating bottlenecks and causing issues for the team.
I was brought in to offer support and remind the coachee that they were capable and just needed to see the wood for the trees. By providing a way for them to think around their problems in a different way, we worked through solutions and set achievable goals. Providing them the time to stop and take a step back allows them to get the job done more efficiently.  I also offer tips and techniques for how to work in the future.

PROBLEM – Changing the culture
When you are following in the footsteps of someone else it can be hard to make changes and establish your own style, especially if the previous incumbent had a strong presence within the organisation.
Often when a coachee takes on a new role they have several legacy issues to work through. They need to identify what has been working, what has been inefficient and how to manage the transition. I help the coachee to find their own style and understand how to manage an inherited team.  This allows them to flourish and establish their own credibility, without the need for corporate politics. As a coach I can offer support to manage the team, relate to key stakeholders AND make a positive impact.

PROBLEM – Wondering what next
For some clients, they could be bored or lacking confidence in their own abilities. They need coaching to work through their next move.
Using a series of questionnaires and 360 degree feedback, we were able to work out how the coachee could best promote themselves internally whilst being strategic about their next move. It was important to look at where the coachee could fit within the organisation and provide them with the confidence to make the change.

PROBLEM – Life stages
Within your personal life you can undergo huge transitions such as getting married, having a baby or even reaching a milestone birthday that can have an impact on your professional life too.
Often a company recognises the need for coaching support, not because the person is a poor performer but because they are actually good performers. Sometimes just being able to talk things through out loud can offer clarity and allow you to get back on track. Most of the time the coachee has the tools to recognise their issues but they just need a third party to help them figure things out, particularly when it is personal issues creating the negative impact. Being able to express emotion to an ‘outsider’ can be hugely cathartic and promote positive change.