In my own words

Doing what I do has been a real adventure, an adventure which I am still on and which thankfully I still love being on, each and every day. My journey began in London where I worked for the Royal Lancaster Hotel as a PA. It provided a great introduction to the city and allowed me to satisfy my nosy quota by spotting the many guests and VIPs who walked through its doors. In fact, my boss actually married Cary Grant having met him at the hotel when he was a director of Faberge. It was in the ‘good old days’ when we still called the General Manager ‘Mr’ and a tea lady came round to deliver us a cuppa.

Shaping my career

From there I moved to work for Commonwealth Holiday Inns of Canada Ltd (you needed a deep breath if you wanted to say that name in one go, hence why we always called it CHIC). I worked initially as a Training Co-Ordinator and was quickly promoted to Training Instructor before reaching the dizzy heights of Training and Development Manager. The experience I gained here has definitely shaped the rest of my career and to this day I still value what I learned, plus it was great fun. I was responsible for the corporate training plan, graduate programme, hotel openings and internal conferences and events. It was a great work hard/play hard environment and I worked with some excellent teams. I travelled throughout the UK visiting and honing my skills in learning and development, consultancy and facilitation.

About Denise Fryer

The wider world

Then it was time to go out and experience the bigger world and put into practice what I had learned. It has been a great ride. Over the years I have been involved in leadership development, assessment/development centres, conferences and events, executive coaching, new hotel openings, graduate development and many tailored development programmes. I have designed many long term, one-off interventions and coached some really fantastic people. I am also part of the Henley Business School team as a Programme Director for the Developing Management Practice Programme (alongside my friend and colleague Debora Brockwell) and Executive Fellow.

Having lived abroad as a child (my father was a professional footballer) I already had a bit of the ‘wanderlust’ so I have been very appreciative of the fact that I have continued to work with individuals all over the world including in Bermuda, Canada, India, Singapore, Dubai, Oman, Scandinavia and across mainland Europe. I hope that this continues and would love to work in Australia and New Zealand too (#justsaying!)

The personal me

On a personal level I love photography and am often seen out and about with my camera in the Oxfordshire countryside where I live. I am also involved in various committees and associations on the gorgeous development which I live on, close to the River Thames. I am a big tech fan and my friends often tease me about this but during my downtime there’s nothing I love more than a good movie or TV boxset!

If you want to know more about me and how I can help you or your business then please get in touch.

Denise Fryer