Coaching is a collaborative experience.  I have a wealth of experience to pass on and can utilise MY skills to help you achieve YOUR goal.


The first session is generally about 2 hours long and designed to begin the right relationship with the coachee.

At this session the approach is agreed which will include clarity of the outcome, timing and location of sessions, feedback models, commitment to agreed tasks, principles of the coaching approach and client preferences on how they want to be coached.

I will then confirm everything agreed by creating a written agreement between coach and client to reinforce the importance of the commitment being made.


Subsequent sessions are generally 2 hours long will take place on average at 3-6 week intervals.

The number of sessions will vary depending on the nature of the outcome and the agreement with the manager. Typically 3 - 6 sessions are usually sufficient to achieve the required result.

About halfway through the coaching a meeting will take place with the manager and coachee to collaboratively give feedback about our progress towards the agreed outcome.

Throughout the process I stick to my core values of simply creating change….