What I offer

For the last 35 years I have worked with individuals to help develop their own personal skills and capabilities. I have also partnered with global organisations to run many large projects.  This has included pre and post opening training for new hotels and rolling out large development/change programmes.  I have run large events for organisations, including putting together the teams that will implement these. In addition to larger projects, I have also design and run smaller bespoke development interventions.

Developing relationships

Strong relationships are the lifeblood of any company and a critical part of any individual’s business journey. I can work with you to help you understand how to strengthen and develop your relationships with people, as well as other organisations. I can also act as an independent facilitator to help resolve conflicts successfully so that teams can continue to work effectively.

By marrying professional skills with my business experience and ‘common sense’ I can establish a relationship that is challenging, pragmatic and successful for the individual and the organisation.

  • 1:1 Executive coaching
    Executive coaching is a critical aspect of all organisations and one which is often overlooked. It may be that you are ‘stuck’ and need help to move the organisation forward.  Maybe there isn’t anyone at your level that you can have confidential conversations with.  Maybe you feel that there is something you need to improve within yourself . Sometimes a business is simply looking for a different perspective and 1:1 executive coaching is the ideal solution. Click here to see how coaching works.
  • Small group coaching
    Working with a group of 2-3 people, small group coaching can be useful during times of change within an organisation or when a group needs to understand more clearly how each other works. I can help train your teams in the skills that will enable them to work better together, using each other’s strengths to meet the company’s goals
  • Double coaching
    Occasionally someone can benefit from being coached by 2 people. Whilst I would take overall responsibility, I can bring in another coach to work with me. Having two viewpoints and two ways of working can have massive benefits to the coachee
  • Bespoke leadership development programmes and facilitation
    I will work with your organisation to understand your goals and help create a leadership programme which gets to the heart of the challenges that affect your business

Denise Fryer
Denise Fryer